Best of Snack Attack 2020

I usually make this a video, but 2020 zapped my time and energy, so I figured it would be good to change it into a blog post. Here are the top prizes for the snacks and drinks I indulged in for my YouTube series, Snack Attack!

Best Effort: Yuzu Hot Sauce

No fruit, no spice, no soul 😦

Well, they tried. They really did. I wanted the Yuzu hot sauce to be a homerun, especially since Japan has already proven itself adept at making a spicy yuzu condiment: Yuzu Kosho, which is a kind of citron pepper paste that you can find as a condiment at most noodle shops and restaurants around the country. It has a beautiful mix of fruit and spice, so when I saw the Yuzusco, I was thrilled. I love hot sauce, I love yuzu kosho, what could go wrong? This one lacked spice, didn’t have a really strong citron flavor, and could really do with a bit more TLC and R&D. Maybe one day it’ll be how I imagine it in my mind, but that day is not today.

Worst Snack: Mayo Ice Cream

Abandon hope, all ye who watch this video

This was fairly easy: Savory ice cream just doesn’t really work the best. Especially mayo. Mayo ice cream just isn’t a very good idea. Yes, it can be covered with vanilla, and yes, egg whites can be used to make tasty treats like merengue, but when you mix those whites with apple cider vinegar and them pump it into a frozen bar? It just doesn’t jive.

Best Snack: Okinawa Black Thunder

Next stop: F L A V O R T O W N!

If you read my 2020 KitKat post, you know I do enjoy a good sweet treat now and again, especially a seasonal, regional, or limited-edition. With Black Thunder, the Okinawan white chocolate and brown sugar with macadamia nut really blows all other Black Thunder varieties out of the water. It has this wonderful balance of sweet and earthiness from the nuts and a deeply satisfying crunch to go with it. Truly, a journey in every sense for the palate.

There would usually be a Best Drink category, but due to the lack of beverages on the channel this year, that award got the axe. I’m looking forward to getting back into the editor’s chair and finishing up some gems I’ve had simmering on the back burner. Keep an eye out and I hope you enjoyed the videos as much I enjoyed making them


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