Weta Workshop: Special Effects Workshop

A bit of a companion stop to Hobbiton, Weta Workshop is the prop and SFX company that really got its boost and acclaim from working on the Lord of the Rings movies. They are located down in Wellington, several hours south of Hobbiton, nestled in an unassuming bit of suburbia. What treasures do its warehouses […]


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Australian Open 2023

After having some fun at a tennis tourney in Japan, it was time to make my wife’s dream come true: To see the Australian Open! We flew into Melbourne for a few days to catch a few week two games, and here’s our experience.

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The Curious Case of Hyakumansan

In 2013, Mr. One Million, Hyakumansan, upset the residents of Ishikawa prefecture, whom he was supposed to represent, by being too ugly. Overdesigned. Not cute enough. Nearly a decade later, he’s still standing as the mascot of Ishikawa but what was all that hullabaloo about? Is he really as messy as they said he was? […]

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Sasuke: Ninja Warrior

I enjoy a good sport every now and again, but often it’s not the most popular sport (minus baseball). I prefer more traditional sporting affairs, especially wrestling, but sometimes, a modern take really captures the imagination in a way I couldn’t anticipate. Enter the niche world of Sasuke, or Ninja Warrior.

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Things I Liked in 2022

Look at all those twos! Did this year continue to burn as it did at the start of the year? Starting the tally a bit late in February, how did it go, future Adam? Future Adam here! It was a pretty cool year, but not without its difficulties. The fall and winter proved challenging, and […]

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Yokohama Christmas Market

Since the pandemic, it’s been more difficult to visit the many European-styled Christmas markets that used to populate Japan. Cancellations and reservation systems kept many people out but this year, after opening its borders once more, Japanese Christmas markets are back!

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Coral Restoration In Okinawa

Did you know that you can plant coral in Okinawa? Why would you ever want to be a nautical farmer, you may be asking? Why not, is what I say! We threw on some flippers and went to the briny shallows to experience a bit of the tropical coral goodness for ourselves in Okinawa.

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