Bow before its might!
Bow before its might!

Kneeling before

the neon pink goddess,

hands cupped

in prayer, then

splayed out to receive

her divine waters

and throw them

upon my dirty body.

The waters darken,

my knees ache,

and the floor around

begins to get

bespeckled with

my messy aim.

Running my hands over

my neck and ears,

underarms and feet,

cleaning well enough

for days filled with

clean winds and

cloud gazing, preparing

for days that truly

require a good cleanse.


Composed 05/28/14

Author’s Note: I’ve clearly run out of ideas. We get government-issued plastic basins that we use for just about everything during our service: bathing, laundry, dishes, and pretty much anything that involves cleaning. The true unsung hero of many of our services.


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