Spa World

In Osaka, there is a fabled place near the Tsustenkaku Tower by the name of Spa World. Do you enjoy soaking in hot water? Cold water? Sweating in a tiny room? Well, this place has you covered! Bring a swimsuit and get prepared to be naked around complete strangers, because I’m bringing you the lowdown […]

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Enoshima Island Spa

My first spa experience was at a wonderful place in New Orleans, and it was very relaxing for me. After getting beaten up by a traditional masseuse from the Lahu tribe on the Myanmar/Thai border, I was put-off by the idea of massages and spas in general, since massage seems to be such a big […]

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  Kneeling before the neon pink goddess, hands cupped in prayer, then splayed out to receive her divine waters and throw them upon my dirty body. The waters darken, my knees ache, and the floor around begins to get bespeckled with my messy aim. Running my hands over my neck and ears, underarms and feet, […]

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