Unknown Birthday

After the rain.

Short of breath from running

With the neighborhood kids,

Soccer with

A half-inflated volleyball

But no one seems to notice.

Stepping inside to warm faces

Around a candle-less cake;

Sweetness with no flavor,

Only an essence to be graced

In the cooling air.

A sip of tea for me,


Listening to words with no meaning,

Lost in symbols and sounds

That are reminiscent

Of children holding

Their mouths

Outside a candy shop window.

Enjoying wine and

Warm walls as friends

Begin to depart,

Clearing tables and minds

Of empty cups

And stained dishes.

The unfinished cake breathes

Silent, bitter breaths

As we shuffle on

Wrinkled carpet

To usher in our dreams.

Composed 06/07/2012

Author’s Note: On this particular day, it was my host mother’s birthday, but no one had informed me of this, so upon entering my home, I was greeting by her work friends having a small party together. They invited me to drink, but they were drinking desert wine. I’m not a huge fan of sweet alcoholic drinks, so I passed. I remember my shot glass full of wine sitting on the shelf above our sink the next morning. It stayed there for a few days before it was finally removed. Were they trying to send me a message? Maybe they got lazy and didn’t want to wash that last glass. Curious.

I also like how when I go to post these, I have a distinct lack of appropriate pictures to attach to them. Baby steps, as they say.

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