Site Update 05/18

Quick site update: I have officially left Arizona and am currently living in Japan! For the coming years, I’ll be posting about my travels and cultural experiences in Japan and elsewhere as I continue to travel. I’m also going to experiment with style: I want to put more of myself and my reactions to things […]

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Revival of Two Second Street

When I first started this blog, I used it as a way to explore and make sense of my time in Peace Corps Mongolia. I wanted to let people look into bits and pieces of what I was experiencing to demystify the Peace Corps experience: Easy to read, bite-sized articles that let people learn a […]

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The Things I Never Wrote

I’m back in America, and it’s been a strange process of reintegrating back into American culture. Looking back, trying to process everything, there were many subjects I started drafts on, or contemplating writing about, but never got around to doing. There were cutesy things, like the best and worst list I had planned to compose. […]

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A Brief History of Mongolian Script

In case you couldn’t tell, I enjoy learning things about Mongolian script. I find different writing styles, particularly those that are not as widely used across the globe, to be quite interesting. Mongolian has quite a colorful history, seeing many different types of script developed over the years. I noticed a poster for the Mongolian […]

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Mongolian Script Art

Mongolian script can take many shapes and forms. There is a special kind of art that has developed from that script writing. Artists use the words of script to make the shapes of animals, nature, and people. They can also create circle seals, which contain an ornate rendering of a word incased in a circle. […]

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Mongolian Writing

Modern Mongolia has adapted remarkably in terms of its writing system. The split between Mongolia and Inner Mongolia began in 1921 when Russia helped the Mongolians push out the Chinese. Why didn’t they take the whole pie? I’m told it’s because Inner Mongolia was too close to Beijing for the Russian’s comfort, so they stopped […]

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