Healing Characters, Healing Women

When I started researching this post, my goal was to write and expand upon the Yuru-Kyara (mascot) article I had written before. That was before I upped my Japanese Google-fu and saw a ton of articles comparing the characteristics of healing characters with people, specifically, women, and how they can nurture those healing traits and […]

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Hohokam Pottery

Arizona State University has a lot of cool things going on throughout the year. Near the start of the Fall, in a small room in the lobby of a large science hall, they brought out a collection of Hohokam Pottery and explained its importance in history.

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Winter’s Construction

The ground is slowly building upward with white additions that create flickers of light that you can only see at certain angle as you bounce up and down on your heels, like the sky grounded up a mirror and sprinkled the millions of shards, leaving the dust and remains carelessly on the ground for workers […]

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Friendly eyes and modern shoes, Her hair is lines drawn by An architect’s hands on white paper. She buoys like foamy waves Across a grassy ocean current. This woman heralds spring with Butterfly kisses to the sky And the gentle ring of the bells She hangs from iron in her throat. Her story isn’t from […]

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Let’s say for a moment That a man isn’t a man, But is instead something else That may resemble a man But only on a symbolic level; Perhaps he is a flag. On that same page Let’s proclaim that a woman Is a strong breeze or wind, And now that we’ve established A healthy agreement […]

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Faberge screams echo in Silk-shaded halls in the Broken palace that sits upon The hill prone to mud slides When torrents befall it. Pop music and barbarous taunts Filled her days and blinded Rusted nails sewn to her hands, Belted waist constricts Appetites unnatural As she waltzes off-beat Through the corridors. Halcyon storms tearing benches […]

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International Women’s Day

Did you know? It happened this past Friday, and it’s a national holiday in Mongolia, meaning that schools are closed and government workers get the day off. How you celebrate International Women’s Day differs from region to region, even from home to home. Most schools have concerts or parties to celebrate women’s day. My school […]

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Her eyes shout “You taste like Green from a mile away, And I smell the softness Of your heart above the stench From stagnant waters off The side of the railroad tracks.” She asks if I waltz, and I say yes. Her lips creep up the side of her face, Fangs are bared in playful […]

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She’s the first one up And the last one to sleep, In charge of rustling Unruly adult children To make sure all that needs To be done Gets done So it can be done Again the next day. A black tank top under Baggy windbreakers with White stripes down the arms, A hat two sizes […]

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Short Woman

Down the halls In heels too tall, A size too large To fit without Slipping, She thunders In the empty hall With each strike Of her lightning. Creaky doors sway As she passes from Room to room, Each floor a new Pattern of painted Linoleum Not quite applied Correctly. Passing by an office Filled with […]

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