Hohokam Pottery

Arizona State University has a lot of cool things going on throughout the year. Near the start of the Fall, in a small room in the lobby of a large science hall, they brought out a collection of Hohokam Pottery and explained its importance in history.

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Crimson locks on cedar slats, Dimly lit under the blinking Flames on wooden wicks Floating from dimensions People lack the faith to Truly believe in. I climb the stairs to these Chamber doors in order to Understand what they conceal Behind them, with all of Its feminine mystique, Under starless skies. Keys hang from guillotine […]

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Friendly eyes and modern shoes, Her hair is lines drawn by An architect’s hands on white paper. She buoys like foamy waves Across a grassy ocean current. This woman heralds spring with Butterfly kisses to the sky And the gentle ring of the bells She hangs from iron in her throat. Her story isn’t from […]

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She’s the first one up And the last one to sleep, In charge of rustling Unruly adult children To make sure all that needs To be done Gets done So it can be done Again the next day. A black tank top under Baggy windbreakers with White stripes down the arms, A hat two sizes […]

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Short Woman

Down the halls In heels too tall, A size too large To fit without Slipping, She thunders In the empty hall With each strike Of her lightning. Creaky doors sway As she passes from Room to room, Each floor a new Pattern of painted Linoleum Not quite applied Correctly. Passing by an office Filled with […]

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