Water Woes

Last year’s winter was pretty tough, but not the toughest for Mongolia. The zud was not as horrendous as many predicted, and most of the country weathered the storm without too many issues. This year, however, has been warm. Uncharacteristically warm: The daylight hours staying above zero degrees Fahrenheit, the nights barely dipping into the […]

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Rays come through the narrow strips of clouds that lazily hang in the air. Light dances off of the many falling platforms there for them to perform. I squint through my sunglasses, peering at glints of silver and gold and white. Minute rainbows, flashes in a very cold pan, surround my dark brown body. The […]

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Winter’s Construction

The ground is slowly building upward with white additions that create flickers of light that you can only see at certain angle as you bounce up and down on your heels, like the sky grounded up a mirror and sprinkled the millions of shards, leaving the dust and remains carelessly on the ground for workers […]

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Out of Sight

He curls on the frozen earth Beneath the dumpster Beside the parking lot that, So poorly constructed, Pools water in rain and snow Which then freezes into A lake where no one can Tread without a great deal Of frictionless agony. He peeks out when he hears Someone coming to discard Their rubbish and Unwanted […]

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Paved Road

Horse-trodden slopes that Elevate frozen sounds Of lucid dreams to create A precipice I look down Upon my silken throne. Tattered lights peek around The shaggy grills of buses To illuminate brittle stones That resemble cloud-soaked Skies until it dawns upon A closer view of decline. Sharp breezes that dance A solemn waltz which kicks […]

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There is a word for a particularly terrible winter in Mongolia: Zud (зуд). This word roughly translates to any of the following: disaster, blight, severe weather, or heavy snowfall. Needless to say, it’s not something many rejoice about upon hearing of its imminent arrival. Cue winter 2012-2013. This winter will be particularly gleaming, as many […]

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Counting By Nine

Since the end of the world has come and passed, a new kind of long count may begin: The Nine Nines. The count usually begins on December 22 (Winter Solstice), and is a way Mongolians measure the intensity of the cold during winter. Each “Nine” is nine days in length, with nine “nines” in total. […]

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Almost Winter

Strong gales create blustery chills Across the hardened dirt And barren trees that only moments Before were bursting with The colors of ending life. Dogs chewing on blocks of ice Shattered with shovels by Lazy workers looking to clear Slick parking lots for cars Look lazily about before growling At anyone with fur lining Atop […]

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