Furin (Wind Chimes)

Furin (foo-reen) are those pleasant wind chimes that you often see made of a globe of glass with the bottom cut out. Often, you’ll have another piece of glass dangling below to bump against the orb, producing sound. They are a symbol of summer here in Japan, and I thought I’d take a little time […]

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Let’s say for a moment That a man isn’t a man, But is instead something else That may resemble a man But only on a symbolic level; Perhaps he is a flag. On that same page Let’s proclaim that a woman Is a strong breeze or wind, And now that we’ve established A healthy agreement […]

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My Room

Where I come from, When you hear A blustery menace Outside your window, It means rain has come, And the power Will go out. Where I am now, Bluster comes with No guarantee of Drops from The great blue sky, And while the power Tends to flicker And shift, It remains steadfast. Where I come […]

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