Dry Days

To combat the alcoholism problem present in Mongolia, the Mongolian government has instituted days on which it is illegal for any vendor to sell any type of alcohol. I first encountered this during our training. We had came home to our little village from Darkhan, and we wanted to spend some time together before returning […]

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Alcohol and Alcoholism in Mongolia

Alcoholism is a problem in Mongolia. I imagine it is a problem anywhere poverty and alcohol exist, but it is quite a visible part of everyday life here. Chinggis Khaan conquered much of the known world in his time, and he encountered many new and interesting traditions and customs. One thing he encountered was alcohol.¬†They […]

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Counting By Nine

Since the end of the world has come and passed, a new kind of long count may begin: The Nine Nines. The count usually begins on December 22 (Winter Solstice), and is a way Mongolians measure the intensity of the cold during winter. Each “Nine” is nine days in length, with nine “nines” in total. […]

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