Little Girl

She stood no higher than my knee And no closer than the opposite side Of the dismal street that we both Happened to be walking upon. I could hear her laughing behind Where my trail had been blazed, Clumsy, hurried steps quickly Approached my periphery. I turned and saw her standing With two of her […]

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People Noises

I hear them imitate the dogs And they just make this sound Like a Mohican warrior, Or someone learning their vowels For the first time and are Astonished at what magic Can come from their throat. I hear them saying yes and no Without saying yes and no, A viper’s breath without the venom, Lips […]

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Friendly eyes and modern shoes, Her hair is lines drawn by An architect’s hands on white paper. She buoys like foamy waves Across a grassy ocean current. This woman heralds spring with Butterfly kisses to the sky And the gentle ring of the bells She hangs from iron in her throat. Her story isn’t from […]

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Believer On The Steppe

Everyone gathers on Small wooden planks As the eldest son Pulls up a report, But nothing official, And begins to recite The words therein. The sister carries Pots and pans Back to their rightful Spots in ascending Towers on top of The cabinets that Are missing windows. The brother stares down At the floor and […]

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Garden workers flittering Like ladybugs in dirt-covered Canvasses to hide their wings. In they come, on after another, Exchanging outer layers For sharp knives and spoons. A single pile lays on the table Reserved for feasts and mead Where they sit a quiet captive. An embargo on melodic tones For their exchange has high tariffs, […]

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Let’s say for a moment That a man isn’t a man, But is instead something else That may resemble a man But only on a symbolic level; Perhaps he is a flag. On that same page Let’s proclaim that a woman Is a strong breeze or wind, And now that we’ve established A healthy agreement […]

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The old man at the museum, Which is really only A small collection of Wood carvings he did himself, Is a few marbles short, And he tries to get whatever He can from whoever comes by, Which isn’t very often. Behind the school a few kilometers Up a craggy trail is a stream, That comes […]

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Red currents Of yellow color Stream forth From silver lips. Blue hearts and Black paw prints On white cards With bloodied backs. Brown roads blackened With clear rains Trampled by Cloven hooves. Green sprouts from Grey soil on Silver roads paved To nowhere. Rusted fences And gates torn Lead to wooden Porches and home. White […]

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Faberge screams echo in Silk-shaded halls in the Broken palace that sits upon The hill prone to mud slides When torrents befall it. Pop music and barbarous taunts Filled her days and blinded Rusted nails sewn to her hands, Belted waist constricts Appetites unnatural As she waltzes off-beat Through the corridors. Halcyon storms tearing benches […]

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Dogs on the Steppe

It was 2:30AM. I awoke from a strange dream thinking I was somewhere other than Mongolia. Once I finally got out of that┬ásoporific┬ástate, I heard the whelps of a young dog. I thought it to be outside, but the more I listened, the more I was surprised by how loud the little fellow was. “Wow, […]

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