Things I Liked in 2022

Look at all those twos! Did this year continue to burn as it did at the start of the year? Starting the tally a bit late in February, how did it go, future Adam? Future Adam here! It was a pretty cool year, but not without its difficulties. The fall and winter proved challenging, and […]

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Bonus Round

This post is part of a series on my favorite spots in Phoenix. To read the other posts, follow these links: Swansong (Best places in Arizona), UnderTow, Barber Parlor, Phoenix Breweries, Changing Hands / First Draft Book Bar, Renaissance Hotel, Camelback and Central. Phoenix is starting to have a nice arcade bar scene, and my […]

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Best Nine of 2016

A big thing to do on Instagram is the top nine most-liked pictures from the year (you can follow me @ajgarnica). Since the new year is here, I thought I’d do a retrospective and examine my top nine photos and explain them a little more in detail.

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