Traveling down blistered asphalt Ripped asunder by all manner of Natural agitation and man-made Stressors walks on such irritant In his dusty ankle boots and Khaki pants with the crease Slightly faded. Into the building he walks to grab One or two things that will Be needed to prepare the evening Meal that he always […]

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Outside to fry On concrete skillet, Served up for Flying patrons To feast upon. Unruly clouds, Men with shirts Raised above Bloated stomachs Stepping over Ruined promises Wedged in dirt Recently dried. Storms descend And winds pick up Painting everything In a fresh coat Of loose earth Before the sky Furrows its brow, Unleashing Torrents […]

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Almost Winter

Strong gales create blustery chills Across the hardened dirt And barren trees that only moments Before were bursting with The colors of ending life. Dogs chewing on blocks of ice Shattered with shovels by Lazy workers looking to clear Slick parking lots for cars Look lazily about before growling At anyone with fur lining Atop […]

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