Kyoto Railway Museum

Trains make up a very integral part of life here in Japan, and there are plenty of train museums to go around. During a trip to Kyoto, we decided to take the plunge and go full train mode and learn a bit more about railway history and see a visiting celebrity!

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The Shinkansen

One of the most famous modes of transport from Japan is the Shinkansen, or bullet train, which has lines that stretch all over Japan. It seems almost like a rite of passage to ride one, being almost mythologized by those outside of Japan. Well, here’s a brief glimpse into my experience and some tips so […]

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My First Amtrak Experience

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was ride across the United States via the rails. I thought it would be great to ride the Amtrak train, take in a few stops along the way, and really get to spend time watching the country go by without having to worry about driving, stopping, […]

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Train Ride

The train lumbers slowly on its crooked tracks held together by what appears to be worm-eaten wooden planks and invisible bolts, as if it were constructed by a child with no real sense of the forces unseen that could tear the tracks asunder. Everyone huddles on their hardened benches, the farthest leaning on a frosted […]

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Too Early For Sleep

Temperate evening Fills its skies With mosquitos And other Winged pests That make The guard dog Whimper As he is eaten With peckish Stings. Families sacrifice Kindling and dung To the gods Of fire And smoke To keep their Threshold Clear of tiny Intruders As they rest. The young man Stays at watch In the […]

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