If I had lived 100 years ago, I would have been dead in 10; Plucked away to fight in some foreign war in a land that, if people squinted at me to blur the colors in my face, they would swear was my own, or perhaps eaten away from the inside by disease that festered […]



He meant well When he lit The Korean Torch and set The stove ablaze. He didn’t realize That the smoke Would reveal Diving light And stifle Busy routine. It was not His fault but The electric Candlelight Failed at that Moment. Outside, A man bathed In light High in the air Clipped with Needle noses […]

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The Week I Was Gone

My teeth wail with each step As I walk around the yard, Head tilted slightly aback, Sandals muddied from recent rains. Everything burns but nothing Turns to ash, no smoke to be seen Aside from the cigarette hanging Drolly from my mother’s mouth. I sweat the time from my body, Rising one morning to head […]

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Everyone sleeps during the day Because the nights are so bright And when the sun finally does Decide to retire to its bed chamber, A new doppelganger steps in To take its place and start The cycle anew. The night is the day and the day Is the night when the knights Returning from long […]

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