Watching Sumo Live at Ryogoku Kokugikan

Japan has many traditional sports that have come and gone in popularity over the years, but one that seems to continue to capture the imagination is sumo. After a pandemic and a bit of procrastination, a friend of ours offered us the opportunity to go to the main sumo stadium in Japan, the Ryogoku Kokugikan, […]

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Vending Machine Alley in Akihabara

There have been many fabled stories of oddities sold via vending machines in Japan. Everything from hot drinks to used clothes, the stories seem to fly around outside of Japan to build it into this mythical status. Most machines are very mundane, offering hot and cold drinks or some small snacks. Once place where these […]

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Shibuya Blue Cave (Ao No Dokutsu)

Winter illuminations (light displays) are very popular in the winter months in Japan, with most starting in November and going through January. One particularly popular and unique display is in Shibuya ward in Tokyo, where they take a piece of Yoyogi park and a drag of the city and line it with over 600,000 blue […]

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