Morning Tea

The sun isn’t coming up; the sky permanently tea-stained in rings that show how slowly the imbiber supped his brew.   So slowly, perhaps, that it fermented, changing the very nature of the tea, crinkling the leaves into soggy angles that floated like powder.   Light spills forth like liquids from a mug or bowl […]

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Tea Bricks and Piercings

An odd match? They are more closely related than you would think in Mongolia. First, the tea. You can buy large bricks of tea at most any store in the country. Do make the tea, you simple break a chunk of desired size off of the main brick, throw it in some boiling water, and […]

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Herding Reindeer

Every season, the herders switch camps. At each camp, there are tent poles for their teepees. The season dictates how big the teepee will be: Extraordinarily wide for summer (to keep their distance from the stove), mid-sized for spring and autumn, and tightly compact for winter. Each camp is next to different areas for reindeers […]

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