Australian Open 2023

After having some fun at a tennis tourney in Japan, it was time to make my wife’s dream come true: To see the Australian Open! We flew into Melbourne for a few days to catch a few week two games, and here’s our experience.

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Sasuke: Ninja Warrior

I enjoy a good sport every now and again, but often it’s not the most popular sport (minus baseball). I prefer more traditional sporting affairs, especially wrestling, but sometimes, a modern take really captures the imagination in a way I couldn’t anticipate. Enter the niche world of Sasuke, or Ninja Warrior.

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Fey Canyon Trail

Arizona is known for some incredible hiking. Not being much of a hiker, I tend to shy away from larger challenges, such as mountains, in favor of the more beaten path. During a beautiful spring day, I was lucky enough to drive through Sedona to a path known as the Fey Canyon Trail to take […]

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