Sasuke: Ninja Warrior

I enjoy a good sport every now and again, but often it’s not the most popular sport (minus baseball). I prefer more traditional sporting affairs, especially wrestling, but sometimes, a modern take really captures the imagination in a way I couldn’t anticipate. Enter the niche world of Sasuke, or Ninja Warrior.

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Junior Wrestling

One sport that I’ve really taken a liking to while out here in Mongolia has been wrestling. During Naadam, the wrestling matches would go on all day, and you could see all manner of wrestler come into the ring: Seasoned veterans, short and scrappy newcomers, the joke entries, tall, thin, fat, and short alike. While […]

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Sports Competitions

Competitions are serious business here in Mongolia. Teachers take off days, sometimes weeks, to compete in a plethora of competitions. Today, let’s talk about the sport variety. For some reason, October seems to be packed with competitions. While I cannot discern if there is an official competition season (aside form the Olympic tests in March/April), […]

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