Rojone: Drunk Sleeping

Ah, yes. The fabled Rojone, or Drunk Sleeping. The phenomenon of people drinking so much that they pick wherever it is they are, lay down, and begin their nightly slumber. So prevalent in Japan that it has its own word (路上寝: Ro (路 – road), Jo (上 – on), Ne (寝 – sleep). What is […]

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City Drunks

The sun is on its throne, The jesters are out On cracked pavement, Recently torn up For one reason or another, Tripping on the fissures In the false earth. Their skin is cooked, Eyes buried in an avalanche Of creased brows And greyed shadows Above parched lips Recently wetted by Bottles of fire water. One […]

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Alcohol and Alcoholism in Mongolia

Alcoholism is a problem in Mongolia. I imagine it is a problem anywhere poverty and alcohol exist, but it is quite a visible part of everyday life here. Chinggis Khaan conquered much of the known world in his time, and he encountered many new and interesting traditions and customs. One thing he encountered was alcohol. They […]

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Something In The Air

It happened on my first trip to the capital city, Ulaan Bataar. I was staying with my co-teacher’s niece, a lovely young woman about my age. She spoke impeccable English, perhaps even better than her aunt. She spent the night telling me about her work with the environment, translation, and how she wanted to learn […]

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Hip Hop and Khuumii

Hip Hop For the uninitiated, Mongolian hip hop came into the scene after the fall of socialism. It has really begun to flourish here in Mongolia proper, and has even began to spring up in Chinese-controlled Inner Mongolia. It has gained the attention of the media most recently thanks to the documentary Mongolian Bling (which […]

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