Spring Fires

Spring is marked by many unfavorable natural occurrences in Mongolia, such as high winds, dust storms, and perpetual sandstorms in the Gobi. One man-made disaster happens quite frequently: fires. They aren’t accidents or anything of the such. They are controlled burns. Sometimes. One March morning I woke up and noticed my apartment smelling of smoke. […]

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Too Early For Sleep

Temperate evening Fills its skies With mosquitos And other Winged pests That make The guard dog Whimper As he is eaten With peckish Stings. Families sacrifice Kindling and dung To the gods Of fire And smoke To keep their Threshold Clear of tiny Intruders As they rest. The young man Stays at watch In the […]

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Smoke Mirrors

There is no crackling To be heard Along the makeshift Fences that divide Makeshift shacks That are homes To cattle and geese. A waft of mesquite, Or perhaps charcoal, Enters my room And floods my senses With thoughts of Summer outings I didn’t particularly Care for, And imitation fires At theme park attractions. I walk […]

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