ASU Gammage: Beautiful Review

Having my musical theater exposure begin with Nazis and more Nazis, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. At the start, I couldn’t tell you which songs she wrote or sang, only that she had done both. I certainly couldn’t have told you what the musical was about but […]

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Universe Best Song

With many shows like (Insert nation) Idol, X-Factor, and (Insert Nation)’s Got Talent, it’s no surprise that Mongolia has its own unique take on the talent competition. I think it’s rather interesting, and a wonderful idea: Universe Best Song. The premise of the show is simple: You must sing a song in a foreign language. […]

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Rainy Day

Averting eyes from Confused looks; Combating confused Questioning with Silent repose. Everything was The same But different. Earlier, the day was Filled with Difficult songs That could be read But not understood And simple waltzes Danced by counting But no higher than four. Sweeping dirt from The plastic floor And woven rug squares Used for […]

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