First Day of School

September first is a national holiday in Mongolia: It commemorates the first day of school for children across the nation. Everyone gets dressed up, comes to school with their parents, and meets their teachers in order to usher in the new academic year. If it falls on the weekend, everyone still meets. This year, it […]

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Bell Day

The school year has come to a close at my school, and with it, the graduation ceremony, or Bell Day, as it is known. The graduating classes gather in the auditorium to listen to speeches, receives awards, listen to musical performances, and receive their graduation papers. The graduation papers, the equivalent of our diploma, looks […]

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Parent Teacher Extravaganza

When my supervisor told me about the parent/teacher conference that was going to happen at my school, I mistakingly thought it would just be a large meeting of parents and teachers. I should have known that I can’t expect things like that out here. She informed me that  because we have so many students and […]

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The History Room

At most schools in Mongolia, I am told, there is a very special room that holds in it the history of the school. Inside they host an array of artifacts: Trophies earned, medals won, citations garnered, newspaper reports, and so forth. Last December, I was introduced to this room by my supervisor. We were having […]

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