Hikawa Shrine

If you thought Enoshima Island had a monopoly on love shrines, you would be sorely mistaken! Just a few minutes up the road in Kawagoe is Hikawa Shrine, a famous Shinto Shrine near Little Edo. It brings in many visitors, and while its small size may not make it the most notable shrine, it certainly […]

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My dear, the time has come Once more for me to depart, But like all the times before, I shall return with bounties The likes of which no man Or woman on this river Has ever witnessed In fevered dreams While swatting mosquitoes In the stifling night. My dear, what is mine Shall soon be […]

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Let’s say for a moment That a man isn’t a man, But is instead something else That may resemble a man But only on a symbolic level; Perhaps he is a flag. On that same page Let’s proclaim that a woman Is a strong breeze or wind, And now that we’ve established A healthy agreement […]

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