Enoshima Island

Just off of the coast of Kamakura, south of Tokyo, lays Enoshima Island, a small island that hosts many interesting man-made and natural beauties. One rainy weekend during summer, I was able to make a stop on the island for my wife’s birthday and get a little taste of what the island has to offer.

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Believer On The Steppe

Everyone gathers on Small wooden planks As the eldest son Pulls up a report, But nothing official, And begins to recite The words therein. The sister carries Pots and pans Back to their rightful Spots in ascending Towers on top of The cabinets that Are missing windows. The brother stares down At the floor and […]

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Temple Rains

You feel it sweeping over you Like catacomb clouds that Encumber living bones that Enjoy drinking amontillado. You see the iron curtain sway In the distance over green hills, Hearing the cry of dragons Surrendering treasure hoards. You find refuge in rainbow darkness, Protuberant eyes from spirits And demon of purest alabaster Gaze from behind […]

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Rainy Day

Averting eyes from Confused looks; Combating confused Questioning with Silent repose. Everything was The same But different. Earlier, the day was Filled with Difficult songs That could be read But not understood And simple waltzes Danced by counting But no higher than four. Sweeping dirt from The plastic floor And woven rug squares Used for […]

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My Room

Where I come from, When you hear A blustery menace Outside your window, It means rain has come, And the power Will go out. Where I am now, Bluster comes with No guarantee of Drops from The great blue sky, And while the power Tends to flicker And shift, It remains steadfast. Where I come […]

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