The Things I Never Wrote

I’m back in America, and it’s been a strange process of reintegrating back into American culture. Looking back, trying to process everything, there were many subjects I started drafts on, or contemplating writing about, but never got around to doing. There were cutesy things, like the best and worst list I had planned to compose. […]

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Spring Evening

A most peculiar cul-de-sac Of buildings whose tears, Rusted permanently beneath Ill-fitting frames and glass, Drip in shades of brown and grey No different than the dust Of the earth. Outside the sun begins to laze About and loiter for a bit longer To enjoy the scenes that seem To unfold from newly Invigorated spirits […]

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Friendly eyes and modern shoes, Her hair is lines drawn by An architect’s hands on white paper. She buoys like foamy waves Across a grassy ocean current. This woman heralds spring with Butterfly kisses to the sky And the gentle ring of the bells She hangs from iron in her throat. Her story isn’t from […]

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