Bingata: Okinawan Coral Prints

Okinawa has a rich and unique island culture that makes it stand apart from other prefectures in Japan. Once its own kingdom, it brought many of its cultures and crafts into the Japanese consciousness, including its own styles of dyeing cloths known as Bingata.

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Rojone: Drunk Sleeping

Ah, yes. The fabled Rojone, or Drunk Sleeping. The phenomenon of people drinking so much that they pick wherever it is they are, lay down, and begin their nightly slumber. So prevalent in Japan that it has its own word (路上寝: Ro (路 – road), Jo (上 – on), Ne (寝 – sleep). What is […]

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World War II Museum

One of the top-rate museums in the nation is the World War II museum located in the warehouse district of New Orleans. It is a large, industrial-looking series of buildings from the outside, but on the inside, a great deal of care and craftsmanship is on display to preserve the American angle on that grand […]

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