Circles Records

There always exists a tension between how best to preserve the past while moving forward with the future. One building in the middle of such tensions is the historic Stewart Motor Company building, more commonly known to those in Phoenix as Circles Records & Tapes.

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Universe Best Song

With many shows like (Insert nation) Idol, X-Factor, and (Insert Nation)’s Got Talent, it’s no surprise that Mongolia has its own unique take on the talent competition. I think it’s rather interesting, and a wonderful idea: Universe Best Song. The premise of the show is simple: You must sing a song in a foreign language. […]

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Music Lesson

  Like writing with all of your fingers on the pencil, with the tip pointing out from that crevice made by your thumb, down by your wrists, you should be holding the bow. Create a cradle with your knees so that the box is not upright, you mustn’t keep it upright, tilt it slightly to […]

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Hip Hop and Khuumii

Hip Hop For the uninitiated, Mongolian hip hop came into the scene after the fall of socialism. It has really begun to flourish here in Mongolia proper, and has even began to spring up in Chinese-controlled Inner Mongolia. It has gained the attention of the media most recently thanks to the documentary Mongolian Bling (which […]

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