The Old Man at the Rest Stop

He haunts the two story grounds where all the buses and some of the private cars go to rest, shuffling along and always on the search for salvageable goods. His coat is two sizes too large, lightened by the dust of the earth that is slowly decaying into nothing but desert sands and irritable grains […]

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Winter’s Construction

The ground is slowly building upward with white additions that create flickers of light that you can only see at certain angle as you bounce up and down on your heels, like the sky grounded up a mirror and sprinkled the millions of shards, leaving the dust and remains carelessly on the ground for workers […]

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City Drunks

The sun is on its throne, The jesters are out On cracked pavement, Recently torn up For one reason or another, Tripping on the fissures In the false earth. Their skin is cooked, Eyes buried in an avalanche Of creased brows And greyed shadows Above parched lips Recently wetted by Bottles of fire water. One […]

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Let’s say for a moment That a man isn’t a man, But is instead something else That may resemble a man But only on a symbolic level; Perhaps he is a flag. On that same page Let’s proclaim that a woman Is a strong breeze or wind, And now that we’ve established A healthy agreement […]

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