When Mongolians head to the countryside for a vacation, they like to a special kind of cooking known as khorhog. The process involves heating stones and placing them along with meat and vegetables into a metal canister that is sealed shut. The pressure is what ends up cooking it, but sometimes, you don’t have a […]

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Traditional Mongolian Diet

The first thing you learn coming out here to Mongolia is the importance of livestock in the daily lives of all Mongolians. Meat and dairy are king. It’s due to the long tradition of herding in Mongolia, and the prestige that once came with owning animals. I remember reading Jack Weatherford’s Genghis Khan and the […]

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Pony Up

Horses. Most of us think of them as gallant beasts that work in cooperation with humans. They are have an almost mystic air about them: Their elegance and beauty admired by many. It will come as no surprise then should I offend with the following post. There are certain food taboos in every culture. You […]

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