Three Points

Hot and cramped, stuck with a squeaky leather jacket and a wobbly table under the weight of a husky and haughty brute. He proves more capable than anyone could imagine that day. I stare at the lines on the page, wondering how this word could not possibly mean what I thought it did. My neck […]

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Offering Condolences

Death. It’s a topic that makes most cultures squirm a bit, and I’ve seen more than my fair share of Mongolians aptly avoid the subject. Some believe that speaking about it invites it into your life. I’ve recently had two of my teachers experience such a terrible loss. I was at a loss for what […]

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Lives lost as lives often are, He stared across the dimly lit Cityscape as he reflected on The poverty of the soul That had recently stopped His otherwise flawless sprint Through the tall grass And wild flowers. In another life, another time, Or so it felt now, so distant, Happier days with a wife Who […]

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