ASU Gammage: Matilda Review

As the season at Gammage continues, I continue on with my journey to learn more about musical theater and to cultivate an appreciation for it. On the menu for February was Matilda, a musical adaptation of the Roald Dahl children’s book. I was a big fan of the book and the Danny DeVito movie, so […]

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Rays come through the narrow strips of clouds that lazily hang in the air. Light dances off of the many falling platforms there for them to perform. I squint through my sunglasses, peering at glints of silver and gold and white. Minute rainbows, flashes in a very cold pan, surround my dark brown body. The […]

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Crimson locks on cedar slats, Dimly lit under the blinking Flames on wooden wicks Floating from dimensions People lack the faith to Truly believe in. I climb the stairs to these Chamber doors in order to Understand what they conceal Behind them, with all of Its feminine mystique, Under starless skies. Keys hang from guillotine […]

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