My First Skiing Experience: Arizona Snowbowl

Having grown up in sunny South Florida, there weren’t too many opportunities to go skiing in the winter (barring water skiing, that is). I wasn’t able to see snow until I ventured to China in my mid-twenties and I have yet to make a snowman. With that context in mind, I ventured up to Arizona […]

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Music Lesson

  Like writing with all of your fingers on the pencil, with the tip pointing out from that crevice made by your thumb, down by your wrists, you should be holding the bow. Create a cradle with your knees so that the box is not upright, you mustn’t keep it upright, tilt it slightly to […]

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People Noises

I hear them imitate the dogs And they just make this sound Like a Mohican warrior, Or someone learning their vowels For the first time and are Astonished at what magic Can come from their throat. I hear them saying yes and no Without saying yes and no, A viper’s breath without the venom, Lips […]

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The Fool

The one who brings joy Asked the one who attempts To bring laughter and mirth, “Why is it that you cannot speak?” The one who was called A fool replied with smiling face, “I cannot speak,” Eyes shut in retreat from His encroaching grin. They sat on the steps Of a ruined temple outside, The […]

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To A Student

Repeat after me, In an accent I deem Appropriate For this particular case, Which may seem no Different From any other case, But I beg you to Consider Following my advice. You may think you Know what it is That comes out from My mouth, But I speak in Technicolor tones But it looks as […]

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