144 Character Poems: Set 2

A Slender Man He is so slender, like the lengthening Spring days. Thin as the shadows, glowing like the sun. Let’s see how we can make him break. Composed 03/05/14 Air Dried Dirty water cleans our clothes constantly assaulted by wind, dust, and earth, drying snaky river beds into our creases, seemingly impossible to remove. […]

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Late Laundry

Hot water dripping from Leaky electric boilers, Cooled with splashes From aquifers beneath Spry weeds and cattle steps, Culled cautiously and stored In Soviet plasticware. Powdered soap bubbles Like a witch’s cauldron Transforming gold Into lead as if reverse Alchemy was the dream Contained in the Plastic tub. Wringing heavy, sopping Cloth and fabric, The […]

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