To A Student

Repeat after me, In an accent I deem Appropriate For this particular case, Which may seem no Different From any other case, But I beg you to Consider Following my advice. You may think you Know what it is That comes out from My mouth, But I speak in Technicolor tones But it looks as […]

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No Name

Mongolians have many combinations for the names they choose, but sometimes, a name crops up that takes you by surprise. A Russian teacher at my school recently switched to teaching English, and I never noticed her name too often when I first got here, mainly because she didn’t work with me directly. Her name is […]

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Remembering 2012

I’m not one to do retrospects, but this past year proved particularly challenging for a particular community I am a part of. I’m a graduate student at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, one of the greatest graduate schools with an international focus in the world. It is an honor and privilege to study with […]

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I think in Two different verses While composing What seems To be Nothing for nobody That will soon transform Into Something for somebody. Our fearless leader Chewing gum, Or maybe her cheek, All the while Trying not to Bite her tongue. Her partner stares Like a porcelain doll With painted lips And eyes that look […]

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What’s In a Name?

“Proper names are poetry in the raw. Like all poetry they are untranslatable.” -W.H. Auden I was planning a lesson with one of my counterparts, when she told me her long name. Mongolians tend to have a short name, which those close to them use, and a long name, which is used more formally. Think […]

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Conjunction Junction

Since I mistakingly overlooked World Teacher’s Day, I thought I would remedy such oversight with a post on what it is I do exactly. I’m labelled a “Teacher Trainer” with the Peace Corps. This means I work with teachers to improve methodology, English speaking and writing ability, and to help them come up with more […]

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Dinner Table Conversation

Kamikaze sound sphere Where “if” and “when” Are whittled to “when” Is where I find my Monaural opera opening First night. Double tones of two At once depart on Forked road to each Hemisphere in my mind Where the right Serves the left, Or was it Left serving… right? I hear the bounce and timbre, […]

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White Russian

There is a curious phenomenon I encounter almost daily: Being mistaken for a Russian. I don’t know what constitutes “looking Russian,” but I must fit the bill. Walking down the street, little children gaze upon me with saucer-like eyes, mouths agape, only to let one word escape their lips: орос (Russian). Walking down the white […]

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The Wooden Home

Alone to sup in a translucent enclave, Once surrounded by loving eyes Gazing upon troubled vowels Of a man unaware of the coxcomb He wore. Dumplings of meat and fat Floating in a soup of milk, Balance between tomes and scraps Engraved by frantic hands Obsessed, yet unaware. “Maybe this, maybe that. Maybe repeat after […]

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Happy Man

Continued from Picnicking. We finished our sheep, and I was beckoned by a Russian teacher. “We go now.” I gathered my things and followed her and a few others to their car. A large man in a baseball cap came with us. He was enthusiastic about speaking with everyone. He gave me a spirited “Goodbye!” […]

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