Mind-Blowing Animal Facts I’ve Learned in Japan

Language is a funny thing. You can convey so much information with it but different languages often have different strengths when it comes to that expression. In English, we have all sorts of quirks and eccentricities from our colorful linguistic history. Japan also has its fair share of insights it can offer, a few of […]

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Allergies in Japan

Spring can be a particularly challenging time in Japan. You’ll see people shedding their winter coats and donning surgical masks, carrying extra tissues, and tilting their heads back to refresh themselves with eye drops. Native and foreigner alike is afflicted by allergy season, but why? And is there anything you can do to relieve the […]

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Tokyo Disney Foods

Food is very important to any trip but Tokyo Disney is branding itself in Japan as a go-to destination for delicious treats, meals, and drinks. When I started poking around for ideas on what to do at Tokyo Disney, I saw many blogs, articles, and vlogs centering around the amazing food available in the parks […]

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A Brief History of Mongolian Script

In case you couldn’t tell, I enjoy learning things about Mongolian script. I find different writing styles, particularly those that are not as widely used across the globe, to be quite interesting. Mongolian has quite a colorful history, seeing many different types of script developed over the years. I noticed a poster for the Mongolian […]

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144 Character Poems: Set 1

Breaking Ice Roads Chisel with a flat-headed spade, remove the ice that forms when the snow meets the sun. I can’t just sprinkle salt; that would be wasteful.   Sudden He doesn’t understand what we’re saying. You know what I’m saying? Loudly now! So there is no doubt. What’s the harm in a little fun […]

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Mongolian Script Art

Mongolian script can take many shapes and forms. There is a special kind of art that has developed from that script writing. Artists use the words of script to make the shapes of animals, nature, and people. They can also create circle seals, which contain an ornate rendering of a word incased in a circle. […]

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Summer School

Colorful badges And dirty hands, Blank notebooks Tickled by Emptying pens, Transfer from One generation To the next Across an ocean, Cold and vast. Raising voices With orchestral Arcs and adagios, Tempo changes How eyes dart From one Set of hieroglyphs To the next As well as How they escape Sun-blistered lips. Benches and tables, […]

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People Noises

I hear them imitate the dogs And they just make this sound Like a Mohican warrior, Or someone learning their vowels For the first time and are Astonished at what magic Can come from their throat. I hear them saying yes and no Without saying yes and no, A viper’s breath without the venom, Lips […]

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Mongolian Writing

Modern Mongolia has adapted remarkably in terms of its writing system. The split between Mongolia and Inner Mongolia began in 1921 when Russia helped the Mongolians push out the Chinese. Why didn’t they take the whole pie? I’m told it’s because Inner Mongolia was too close to Beijing for the Russian’s comfort, so they stopped […]

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The Fool

The one who brings joy Asked the one who attempts To bring laughter and mirth, “Why is it that you cannot speak?” The one who was called A fool replied with smiling face, “I cannot speak,” Eyes shut in retreat from His encroaching grin. They sat on the steps Of a ruined temple outside, The […]

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