Weeble Wobble, Roly Poly, Okiagari Koboshi

You thought I was done talking about daruma? Do you even know me? Have you met me? I don’t think the discussion about daruma will ever end, to be honest. This one isn’t directly daruma (DD), but it is daruma-adjacent (DA). Let’s journey to Fukushima and investigate the balance boys and girls known as Okiagari […]

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Seven Eleven versus Mitoshi Matsumoto

There’s been an epic struggle down in Osaka concerning convenience store chain Seven-Eleven and a franchisee, Mitoshi Matsumoto. It’s a delicious tale of corporate greed, concerned citizens, and flying kicks to stationary vehicles. It also sheds a small bit of light on the oftentimes poor working conditions that many Japanese workers face.

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Hideyo Noguchi Sites in Fukushima

Hideyo Noguchi is one of the scientific masters of Japan, and his birthday is November 9th! His achievements were so important and revered in Japan that he adorns the 1000 yen bill (although, that will change in the future). He was born in Inawashiro, Fukushima, and both in his hometown and nearby Aizuwakamatsu are some […]

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Daruma Land

A whole land dedicated to Daruma? Yes, yes there is! Of course, I had to go out to Shirakawa in Fukushima to check out this newly built establishment!

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Goshuin: Temple Stamp Books

Listen, Japan loves paper. It is a very tactile country, and you can find many examples of this all across the culture. One such is the pervasiveness of stamps: You can get stamps from train stations, collect them from special events, and find them on special pedestals in museums. The granddaddy of them all, quite […]

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Fun Japanese Slang: Car Edition

Let’s be real: Japanese people love playing with their language to create new phrases and words. As the summer holiday descends upon the country and more people hit the roads, let’s take a look at two of the fun phrases and slang I’ve managed to accumulate related to cars and driving while living here in […]

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