Finding an Apartment in Japan

First coming to Japan can be incredibly daunting, especially since you may not have any housing when you first arrive. I’ve heard stories of professors coming over and having to settle their housing the first day after arrival! The process can be dizzying and confusing, but hopefully, sharing my experience will help other foreigners out […]

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Pueblo Grande Museum

Phoenix has a lot of hidden gems that don’t appear to be much at first glance. You have to comb through the streets to find certain things that will a good experience and you have to be willing to explore things you see every day but don’t give them much thought. One such gem that […]

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Final Night

Smelling the emptiness of the place that was once filled with familiar sounds and sights to tickle my breaths, one can’t help but imagine where everything used to be placed with the utmost care and think about how quickly it was all taken down. Composed 06/07/14 Author’s Note: This is the last poem I have […]

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Soviet sirens singing aloud, Their voices trembling As they see the throngs Of wearied sailors leaving Their rocky shores. Dust billows, swept by breezes Made cool by icy rains, Deep puddles made by Truck tires still shallow And wet in contrast with The dirt-laden air. The city moans as I speed away, Everything smaller behind, […]

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Summer Soum

Walking through The dust-coated city With cracked road, The only road With paved lanes, But no lines Down its center, I salute the eternal Blue sky so I Might shade My brow. The dirt, once Brown or mahogany In texture, now A bitter a lifeless Color, cracks Underfoot as if You were walking Upon brittle […]

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