Bonus Round

This post is part of a series on my favorite spots in Phoenix. To read the other posts, follow these links: Swansong (Best places in Arizona), UnderTow, Barber Parlor, Phoenix Breweries, Changing Hands / First Draft Book Bar, Renaissance Hotel, Camelback and Central. Phoenix is starting to have a nice arcade bar scene, and my […]

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The Art of Mongolian Card Playing

Mongolians have two main cards game that they admire: Huzur (Хөзөр) and Moshik (Мощиг). Huzur (Хөзөр) The ultimate goal is to beat the card that was played before you and play all the cards from your hand. After playing a card, you must draw back up to the number of cards you started the game with. […]

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Game Day

On carpeted tables with Horses and Camels, We gather around The table to compete. First, with polished ankle Of sheep and goat, We learn how the pieces Fall on the table And how we are to Send them flying With terse jabs Into one another. Hit likes with likes, Take a bone. Hit more than […]

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Naadam: Ankle Bones

This post is part of a four-part series on Mogolian Naadam (Three Manly Sports). Naadam is a festival traditionally held within the first half of July every year in Mongolia. You can read the other sections here: Horse Racing, Wrestling, Archery. Ankle bones are a popular game to play in Mongolia, and the Mongolian term for ankle […]

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Khuvsgul Ice Festival

Lake Khuvsgul is the largest fresh water lake in Mongolia. When winter freezes it over, there is a small bay nestled by a crescent of land a few kilometers from shore where locals of the province set up a festival. Getting to the ice festival was quite a journey: 13-15 hours in a van with […]

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