Flour dusted across wooden cutting boards, A plastic bin with freshly kneaded dough Sits on the edge of the table, cradling A knife ready to cut the rolled strips Into thick buttons. The girl pulls out the rolling pin, A thick wooden dowel with no grips, Grabbing the dough by its love handles, Spins it […]

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She’s the first one up And the last one to sleep, In charge of rustling Unruly adult children To make sure all that needs To be done Gets done So it can be done Again the next day. A black tank top under Baggy windbreakers with White stripes down the arms, A hat two sizes […]

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Too Early For Sleep

Temperate evening Fills its skies With mosquitos And other Winged pests That make The guard dog Whimper As he is eaten With peckish Stings. Families sacrifice Kindling and dung To the gods Of fire And smoke To keep their Threshold Clear of tiny Intruders As they rest. The young man Stays at watch In the […]

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Summer Soum

Walking through The dust-coated city With cracked road, The only road With paved lanes, But no lines Down its center, I salute the eternal Blue sky so I Might shade My brow. The dirt, once Brown or mahogany In texture, now A bitter a lifeless Color, cracks Underfoot as if You were walking Upon brittle […]

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