Children’s Day in Japan

Japan is no stranger to population woes of the modern era: Birth rates are down, people are working longer hours, and many young adults don’t see the benefits or point of marrying and raising a family. Amidst all this negative, the country still celebrates children and give thanks and gratitude towards their mothers on Children’s […]

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Rummaging through rusted iron bins filled with ripped bags and scattered bones, He chances upon empty bottles made of plastic that he sheathes in a hollowed flour sack. Up to his waist in remnants from his neighbors, he sifts carefully so as not to miss any. He fills three sacks and exits, carefully closing and […]

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He meant well When he lit The Korean Torch and set The stove ablaze. He didn’t realize That the smoke Would reveal Diving light And stifle Busy routine. It was not His fault but The electric Candlelight Failed at that Moment. Outside, A man bathed In light High in the air Clipped with Needle noses […]

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My dear, the time has come Once more for me to depart, But like all the times before, I shall return with bounties The likes of which no man Or woman on this river Has ever witnessed In fevered dreams While swatting mosquitoes In the stifling night. My dear, what is mine Shall soon be […]

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The Week I Was Gone

My teeth wail with each step As I walk around the yard, Head tilted slightly aback, Sandals muddied from recent rains. Everything burns but nothing Turns to ash, no smoke to be seen Aside from the cigarette hanging Drolly from my mother’s mouth. I sweat the time from my body, Rising one morning to head […]

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Believer On The Steppe

Everyone gathers on Small wooden planks As the eldest son Pulls up a report, But nothing official, And begins to recite The words therein. The sister carries Pots and pans Back to their rightful Spots in ascending Towers on top of The cabinets that Are missing windows. The brother stares down At the floor and […]

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Garden workers flittering Like ladybugs in dirt-covered Canvasses to hide their wings. In they come, on after another, Exchanging outer layers For sharp knives and spoons. A single pile lays on the table Reserved for feasts and mead Where they sit a quiet captive. An embargo on melodic tones For their exchange has high tariffs, […]

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Faberge screams echo in Silk-shaded halls in the Broken palace that sits upon The hill prone to mud slides When torrents befall it. Pop music and barbarous taunts Filled her days and blinded Rusted nails sewn to her hands, Belted waist constricts Appetites unnatural As she waltzes off-beat Through the corridors. Halcyon storms tearing benches […]

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Money Matters

“I wonder if my family Thinks of me much While I am away?” Asked the father To no one in particular In that lunch-time circle. He chewed absently, His true self spirited away To the village on no map That would even have it, Where something was Made from nothing With only his two hands. […]

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