Hohokam Pottery

Arizona State University has a lot of cool things going on throughout the year. Near the start of the Fall, in a small room in the lobby of a large science hall, they brought out a collection of Hohokam Pottery and explained its importance in history.

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The Switch From Socialism

I had an opportunity to speak to my teachers about how Mongolia was back during the transition from a socialist system to a free-market one, as well as their change into Democracy, all of which happened back in 1991. Only one teacher was not around for the switch. Here is what they told me. Everyone […]

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There are many things going on with Mongolia’s economy that has certain economists worried. Mainly, poorer nations that discover natural resources can fall prey to one of two pitfalls: Dutch Disease or Resource Curse. Dutch Disease is when natural resources drive up the value of the currency, making other goods more expensive for other nations […]

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Mining and Nationalism

Mining is a complex issue here in Mongolia. As such, I’ve decided to write a two part series on mining in Mongolia based on my experiences here in country. The first will be on nationalism and how it relates to mining, and the second will be on mining and the impacts on the environment. No […]

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