UnderTow (in Sip Coffee & Beer House)

This post is part of a series on my favorite spots in Phoenix. To read the other posts, follow these links: Swansong (Best places in Arizona), Barber Parlor, Phoenix Breweries, Changing Hands / First Draft Book Bar, Bonus Round, Renaissance Hotel, Camelback and Central. There are some pretty excellent spots tucked away in Phoenix. Out […]

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Flagstaff Breweries

Flagstaff is a great city in Arizona: There’s tons of nature and a lot to do and see within the city itself. As someone who likes to explore and try new things, I was delighted to see that so many of the attractions in downtown were within walking distance. The craft brew scene in Flagstaff […]

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The Sazerac

I learned a lot about the cocktail culture when I went to New Orleans. I didn’t know much going in; I did a quick Google search with my wife to see if New Orleans was known for any specialty drinks I should try while down there and the Sazerac shot to the top of the […]

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Men of the Bottle

Strange things happen when the light Begins to fade and illuminate the clouds In such a way that they begin to glow, Astounding colors sewing a patchwork Behind their billowing folds. Everyone is on the street because There is only one street to be had And everyone must share it: The children with their volleyballs, […]

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One Drink

The Khan smiles upon you As you raise skeletal limbs From grassy flats to Celestial senses. Ambrosia flows from Tea cups and tea pots, Bottles and ladles, Lids and anything with Any sense of depth. Electric fans hum praise To cunning masters In pointed boots and Flat hats concealing Snowy mounts. Batteries power nothing In […]

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Rainy Day

Averting eyes from Confused looks; Combating confused Questioning with Silent repose. Everything was The same But different. Earlier, the day was Filled with Difficult songs That could be read But not understood And simple waltzes Danced by counting But no higher than four. Sweeping dirt from The plastic floor And woven rug squares Used for […]

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