Unexpected Visitors

It’s not uncommon to host people who randomly show up on your doorstep in Mongolia. My guess is that this hospitality evolved from the herder life and harsh weather: If you were traveling about in the winter, you certainly would want someone to take you in, especially if they were the only shelter for miles. […]

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Crossing the Threshold

One of the more significant architectural choices I’ve noticed in Mongolia is having a prominent threshold in just about every building. Shops, homes, and most businesses with have a threshold that you will have to literally step over in order to enter the building. As it turns out, it’s more of a cultural expectation than […]

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Hedgehogs, Saws, and Doorways

  I never thought much of the artifacts above my door until my regional director came to visit. She was gathering her things, preparing to leave my apartment, when her gaze fell upon them. “Oh, you have the hedgehog,” she said. I was puzzled. I looked up and examined again what I had always thought […]

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