Dia De Los Muertos Festival

This year, being busy Halloween weekend, I wanted to check out Phoenix’s Dia De Los Muertos Festival. It’s part of my cultural heritage that I never really did much with growing up nor as an adult up until this point and I wanted to change that. From the description of the festival on their website, […]

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Makeshift Memorial

I walk along the uncleared path of nothingness and rocks, so many rocks of varying size, powdered with snow and ice on the hardened dirt that somehow still finds a way to thaw into dust on my boots. I walk past the painted steel that separates the only park in town, which really isn’t a […]

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Offering Condolences

Death. It’s a topic that makes most cultures squirm a bit, and I’ve seen more than my fair share of Mongolians aptly avoid the subject. Some believe that speaking about it invites it into your life. I’ve recently had two of my teachers experience such a terrible loss. I was at a loss for what […]

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Outside it is Raining

Falling above the lyrical moonscape Of tattered iron wills and hem-less capes The king of hearts finds himself dead again. Ashes and soot from false volcanoes flow In neon patterns that shape what I grow Гадаа бороо орж байн. (Gadaa boroo orj bain) Silence consumes Lazarus screams I hear When flames burn cold, driving ships we […]

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Lives lost as lives often are, He stared across the dimly lit Cityscape as he reflected on The poverty of the soul That had recently stopped His otherwise flawless sprint Through the tall grass And wild flowers. In another life, another time, Or so it felt now, so distant, Happier days with a wife Who […]

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Remembering 2012

I’m not one to do retrospects, but this past year proved particularly challenging for a particular community I am a part of. I’m a graduate student at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, one of the greatest graduate schools with an international focus in the world. It is an honor and privilege to study with […]

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I was invited to a picnic for our school’s director this weekend. This annual retreat is a tradition, but this year was a special occasion because the woman in charge of running all three schools in our complex won a special medal over the summer. I thought this would be a good way to connect […]

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