In Kamakura, there is a very large Shinto shrine, Hachi-Mangu, where you can really engage with some very cool cultural activities. When I visited Kamakura with my colleague, we were able to visit the shrine and spend some time wandering its grounds.

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Unexpected Visitors

It’s not uncommon to host people who randomly show up on your doorstep in Mongolia. My guess is that this hospitality evolved from the herder life and harsh weather: If you were traveling about in the winter, you certainly would want someone to take you in, especially if they were the only shelter for miles. […]

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It’s OK

A man of brittle sticks With sun-starved complexion, Except in the face And perhaps the hands, Enters my home from Someplace I might have Remembered from geography Had I not been writing Love letters in my workbook. He sits at my table And I offer him meat to eat And tea to drink, Which he […]

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