Little Girl

She stood no higher than my knee And no closer than the opposite side Of the dismal street that we both Happened to be walking upon. I could hear her laughing behind Where my trail had been blazed, Clumsy, hurried steps quickly Approached my periphery. I turned and saw her standing With two of her […]

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The Fool

The one who brings joy Asked the one who attempts To bring laughter and mirth, “Why is it that you cannot speak?” The one who was called A fool replied with smiling face, “I cannot speak,” Eyes shut in retreat from His encroaching grin. They sat on the steps Of a ruined temple outside, The […]

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Dinner Table Conversation

Kamikaze sound sphere Where “if” and “when” Are whittled to “when” Is where I find my Monaural opera opening First night. Double tones of two At once depart on Forked road to each Hemisphere in my mind Where the right Serves the left, Or was it Left serving… right? I hear the bounce and timbre, […]

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