I think in Two different verses While composing What seems To be Nothing for nobody That will soon transform Into Something for somebody. Our fearless leader Chewing gum, Or maybe her cheek, All the while Trying not to Bite her tongue. Her partner stares Like a porcelain doll With painted lips And eyes that look […]

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Dinner Table Conversation

Kamikaze sound sphere Where “if” and “when” Are whittled to “when” Is where I find my Monaural opera opening First night. Double tones of two At once depart on Forked road to each Hemisphere in my mind Where the right Serves the left, Or was it Left serving… right? I hear the bounce and timbre, […]

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The Wooden Home

Alone to sup in a translucent enclave, Once surrounded by loving eyes Gazing upon troubled vowels Of a man unaware of the coxcomb He wore. Dumplings of meat and fat Floating in a soup of milk, Balance between tomes and scraps Engraved by frantic hands Obsessed, yet unaware. “Maybe this, maybe that. Maybe repeat after […]

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