Spider Lilies in Kinchakuda

One thing I’m learning here in Japan is that everything is ruled by the seasons. Japanese people love the fact that the change of seasons is so notable here, and many tourist activities are very time-bound in accordance with the seasons. Right now, it’s peak time for spider lilies to be in bloom. One of […]

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Red currents Of yellow color Stream forth From silver lips. Blue hearts and Black paw prints On white cards With bloodied backs. Brown roads blackened With clear rains Trampled by Cloven hooves. Green sprouts from Grey soil on Silver roads paved To nowhere. Rusted fences And gates torn Lead to wooden Porches and home. White […]

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Light refuses To fade Behind the mountain, Erected on The distance Like a facade. Colors dull To greyed hues, Not quite Losing tone As losing Spirit. Quiet colors Besiege this Silent shell Of a home As night Rejoices And day Descends. Dull thuds In the distance, The sound Of footsteps. A door Opens, Colors return, […]

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